RelianceEdu – VFX Program

Program Overview

The program develops the student's skills in graphics, 3D, compositing, audio & video with the option of specializing in a specific process of VFX. The program takes the students on a journey from sketching basics to being able to create amazing visual effects, which bring their ideas to life.

The specialization suite allows them to leverage their core abilities and acquire advanced skills in the specialization subject of their choice.

Course Module: The course structure is divided into 3 parts

  • Digital Graphics
  • Digital 3D, Compositing & VFX
  • Advanced VFX with Specialization

Course Duration: The duration for the program is approximately 31 months. Each module takes 10 months (approx) to complete.

Course Eligibility: Students completed (awaiting result) 10th or above are eligible for this program.


The course begins with students bringing their ideas to life through sketching and then transforming them into digital images. They are equipped to give effects to these digital images.

From here they move on to creating 3D graphics incorporating them into digital images. They learn how to develop digital ebooks.

At the end they learn how to animate the digital images.


Digital Fundamentals Suite

  • Sketching Essentials
  • Graphic Fundamentals
  • Digital Image Transformation

Digital Graphics Suite

  • Digital 3D Graphics
  • Digital Image Creation
  • Creating Digital eBook
  • Animating Digital Images

Learning Outcome

The student will be able to demonstrate how to bring ideas to life by conventional methods as well as digital tools.

Students will be able to develop ebooks, which is an emerging trend.


Students will learn various aspects of 3D, like texturing, shading, lighting along with the basics of Rigging and Animation.

In the Compositing and VFX suite, the student begins learning the fundamentals of filmmaking and photography. The student learns CGI compositing and is introduced to aspects of VFX like roto, paint, camera tracking, Audio and Video editing.


Digital 3D Suite

  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Shading & Texturing
  • 3D Rigging
  • 3D Animation
  • 3D Lighting
  • 3D Rendering

Compositing and VFX Suite

  • Film Making Fundamentals
  • Photography
  • CGI Compositing
  • VFX - Roto & Paint
  • VFX - Camera Tracking
  • Audio Editing
  • Video Editing

Learning Outcome

Students will be able to integrate various individual components like asset, photographs, compositing, roto, camera tracking, adding of audio tracks and finally give a video output using fundamental principles of film making.


After learning the concept of cinematography and VFX the student moves on to learn the individual components and related software for creating dynamics, effects, fluids, particles, chroma keying, compositing and match moving.

Now that the students have completed learning digital graphics, digital 3D, compositing & VFX and advanced VFX, they select one of the specializations acquiring advanced skills related to that specialization.


Advanced VFX Suite

  • Cinematography
  • VFX Concept
  • VFX - Dynamics, Effects & Particles
  • VFX Magix
  • VFX - Chroma Keying and Compositing
  • VFX - Match Moving
  • Next Gen. Video Editing

Specialization Suite (Select Any one)

  • Advanced Roto and Paint
  • OR
  • Advanced Match Moving & Camera Tracking
  • OR
  • Advanced Dynamics, Effects, Fluid, Particles
  • OR
  • Advanced Lighting and Compositing

Learning Outcome

Students will (depending on chosen specialization) be able to do work related to that particular specialization apart from other skills acquired in VFX.

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