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Reliance Education - Animation and VFX Academy is a world-class animation and visual effects academy that trains aspiring animators and VFX artists in the latest skills and technologies.

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Introducing a revolutionary way to learn 3D, 2D, stills, motion graphics, visual effects, and animation.
Learn animation and VFX from the top instructors in the country & Join the world’s biggest digital revolution

Career Courses

Getting a solid foundation in animation, game development, graphics design and photography is part of Reliance Animation Academy's range of courses. We offer a variety of courses designed to help you get a head start on a successful career in the creative arts. Additionally, each course is taught by one of the industries' most respected instructors

Short Term Courses

An extensive range of courses is available to all levels. By learning the latest tools and technologies in the industry, our short-term courses are designed to help students to begin their careers. Additionally, we offer complete assistance in developing your career and finding a good job. Our institute is one of the few that provides life-long support to its students.

Specialized Courses

We help you prepare for a career as a VFX expert with Reliance Education's specialized courses. This course incorporates a comprehensive curriculum using non-linear editing systems, which is designed to promote knowledge of the various techniques used in filmmaking and television production. A mentorship program and practical training are part of the curriculum to make sure students are ready to gain employment at organizations that will pay well for VFX specialists.

Why Reliance Education

Reliance Education - VFX & Animation Academy provides the top rated VFX & animation, graphic design, game tester and photography courses. Located centrally in Hyderabad with great facilities to promote a safe & interactive learning environment.

Become part of the biggest creative industry in the world, we are top rated academy for VFX & animation, graphic design, game tester and photography courses. We currently rank as the 4th best academy in India.

Join the world’s biggest digital revolution

Innovative course curriculum

Our high quality courses have been developed by industry professionals and have undergone a comprehensive quality assurance procedure.

Training tools

Learn from industry experts and get a head start on the competition by using the latest software like 3DS Max, Maya, Photoshop, After Effects, Zbrush, Nuke, Vray along with other VFX and Animation tools.

Learn to make films and animations

Reliance Education - Animation and VFX Academy offers a broad range of courses from basic to advanced levels.

Courses with industry standard facilities

Reliance Education - VFX & Animation Academy provides the best digital media courses in the industry. Course content is designed by industry professionals.

Learn from industry experts

Reliance Education makes sure all its trainers are VFX professionals with years of experience.

Make a career in animation

Join the Reliance Animation Academy to learn the skills needed to become a professional animator, designer, graphic artist or game tester.

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