RelianceEdu – Triple Program in Animation

Program Overview

This program is aimed at students who wish to develop their skills in sync with the 3D animation workflow. The 3D animation workflow is divided into 3 stages – pre-production, production and post-production. Each learning block in this program is aligned to these 3 stages. Understanding this workflow gives an advantage to a student who is entering this field.

Students learn pre production concepts such as story development, pre visualization and story boarding and then learn how to lend a real life like look and how to add attributes to create a convincing 3D character. At the final stage of the program, students work in groups and within the group, individual students focus on the core skills they have acquired during the program. The showreel that they create at the end of the course gives them an experience of the dynamics of the 3D animation workflow (pre production- production- post production).

Course Module: The course structure is divided into 3 parts

  • Visual Techniques & 3D Asset
  • 3D Character Development, Animation & Effects
  • 3D Compositing, Editing & Animation Showreel

Course Duration: The duration for the program is approximately 29 months. Each module takes 11 months (approx) to complete.

Course Eligibility: Students completed (awaiting result) 10th or above are eligible for this program.


In this course, students learn to give shape to their imagination through traditional techniques of sketching. They then go on to digitize their visualization and further animate these visual graphics with a blend of effects and sound.

They are equipped to give their visuals a story form and learn the techniques of giving a 3 dimensional look to their 2 dimensional images. Here Texturing, Shading and Lighting play an important role in giving a real life-like look and feel.

An added advantage for Reliance Education students is that they learn environmental 3D, which catapults their creation to a whole new level.


Visual Techniques & Modern Visuals Suite

  • Sketching Essentials
  • Pre Production
  • Visual Image
  • Animating Images
  • Image Effects
  • Image Mixing

Digital Graphics Suite

  • Script to Screen
  • Color Key & Matte Painting
  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Shading & Texturing
  • 3D Lighting and Rendering
  • Environmental 3D Modeling

Learning Outcome

Students are able to create basic models and apply various conventional and digital techniques to images.

Students will be able to create a 3D asset model and apply their learning of Shading, Texturing, Lighting, Rendering to assemble them into a 3D environment.


Having learnt traditional techniques along with 3D asset development, students now learn the techniques of giving 3D forms to their 2D characters with real life-like look and feel.

Reliance Education students get an added edge of learning to fine tune the texturing and look development through 3D painting and look development module. A real life-like output is achieved using ray trace techniques.

Further the students learn to add rig to their created asset and character for animation.

Students then add real life-like character attributes such as hair, fur & cloth, which transform their creations into a believable character.

Finally by adding fluid simulation and particles they are able to create waterfalls, fire, explosions and other incredible special effects.


3D Character Development Suite

  • Creating 3D Character
  • 3D Digital Sculpting
  • 3D Digital Shading & Texturing
  • Advanced 3D Texturing & Painting
  • Character Look Development
  • Character Rendering using Vray
  • Ray Tracing Renderer

3D Animation and Effects Suite

  • Character Rigging
  • Character Animation
  • Hair, Fur, Cloth
  • 3D VFX - Dynamics & Particles
  • VFX - Fluid Simulation

Learning Outcome

Students will be able to create a real life-like 3D character and add components like shading, texturing, painting and finally create an output using different rendering techniques.

Students apply the learning of rigging and animation to this character. They are able to add hair, fur and cloth, which ultimately helps them, create a convincing 3D character. The students then are able to add special effects to their creation.


The course now reaches the culmination point where the students fine-tune their post production skills. They composite the work they have done till now, edit it and blend in audio to create the final output.

The showreel is an integration of all the skills they have learned right from traditional techniques, 3D asset, character creation and special effects to the final composite.

The showreel becomes a stunning testimony to the students' skills of translating their imagination into an impactful and impressive 3D creation.


3D Compositing and Editing Suite

  • CGI Compositing
  • Node Based Compositing
  • Audio Editing
  • Video Editing

Final Showreel Suite

  • Final Showreel

Learning Outcome

Students work in groups and within the group, individual students focus on the core skills they have acquired during the program.

Students experience the dynamics of the animation workflow (pre production- production- post production) through the creation of their final showreel.

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